By Musa Asiru Bakare

Tendencies at politically unholy domination, subjugation and cheat commences when one thinks it is only him or her, his or her people and friends that are good enough to continue to occupy political office with its attendant pecuniary benefits even when such representation does not translate into some tangible and clearly visible reckoning in the lives of the people . Such posturing is seen clearly to give birth to greed and avarice, wicked and an insane representation

It is worse when a political position that was hitherto subject to rotational arrangements suddenly takes on the garb of a local heredity and an individuals or a sections of an ethnic devide is suddenly reduced it to a one man rights of occupational hegemony !

The danger inherent in this ungodly polical development was what informed the political and even traditional forefathers of the people of the Western Senatorial district of Kogi State, and the Okun people in particular to adopting an unwritten law of rotation of political portfolios among themselves and even down to the political wards and units. This has historically ensure political and opportunities rotation, balancing, checks, harmony and oness

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This system had for as long as the people knew themselves in a modern day democracy worked so beautifully well so much so that individual greed was eloquently kept in check and in abeyance in the political space and in some other saner societies around the globe.

Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area had for a long while been silently kept away from an aspiration to join the train of hustlers to angle for Senate position not because they are short of credible individuals abundantly qualified but the respect for the rotational policy of the past had kept them low.

Senator Joseph Funsho Obasaju, a former erudite Principal of St. Monica’s College, Kabba, a former Member of the old Kwara State House of Assembly. 1979-1983, was elected into the ill-fated seconnd republic Senate in 1983. The very matured and promising representation at the red Chamber was truncated after just three months of positive action ladened and robust representation. An educationist par excellence. He was a member of Senate Committee on both Local Government and Education.

Just three months and others keep saying Kabba/Bunu too had produced a Senator !

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Suddenly, this beautiful rotational arrangement that had ensured an unfettered political inclusiveness was dealt a terrible blow and in its stead we now see Ijumu Local Government Area producing the Senator for twelve years and going forward to sixteen in a position that is meant for seven Local Government Areas of the Senatorial District. Kabba/Bunu in a similar vain was meant
to settle for less and she too kept returning one man as house of Representative in the last twelf years and going forward to sixteen for a position that is meant for two Local Government Areas of Kabba/Bunu and Ijumu.

In the far more saner democratic clime of United State of America where the brand of democracy Nigeria is pretending to be practicing was dubbed from, no matter how wonderful a political party perform it can only enjoy two terms of eight years. This in their wisdom is to submit to the fact that no one knows it all and that fresh ideas can no longer be given birth to when you overstayed your relevance. After all “enikon kije ki ile ofe”

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The welcoming and very soothing news oozing out to is to the effect that Barrister David Aiyedogbon (Charvid), a very noble, mature and tremendously established Ijumu son, a phillantropist of note, an Okun to the core with equally deep interest of Kabba/Bunu is set at gunning for the House of Representative come 2023.

We will most wholeheartedly welcome his ambition just as we will happily welcome and work for the realisation of the ambition of an Owe or Bunu man/woman coming out to demand for an opportunity to represent our people in the Red Chamber come 2023.

What must speak to anyone’s ambition this time is clearly noble pedigree with verifiable qualification, experience, ability and the wherewithal to offer unto us a robustly mature, progressive and above all must offer himself indeed and in every ramifications be our own representative at the National Assembly.

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