2023: Nigeria will maximize her full potentials with Gov. Yahaya Bello as President – Engr. Abubakar Ohere

Nigerians have been assurred that the full potentials of the country would be attained if Gov. Yahaya Bello becomes President in 2023.

The Kogi State Commissioner for Works and Housing, Engr. Abubakar Ohere, made the disclosure while addressing Newsmen on the state of Infrastructure Revolution in the State, particularly in the West Senatorial District.

Engr Ohere who spoke on the achievements of the current All Progressives Congress in Kogi State, led by Governor Yahaha Adoza Bello, reiterated that the present administration is not unmindful of its statutory responsibility to the people of the state and as such, has embarked on the development of physical infrastructure of the state.


He expressed optimism that the current development in the State is very much feasible for eyes to see in the governor’s second term in office, described Gov. Yahaya Bello as what the country needs in 2023.

The Commissioner disclosed that the present administration has placed emphasis on development of infrastructure in the West Senatorial district, like other parts of the State.

Engr. Ohere confirmed the ongoing construction of General Hospital in Isanlu, construction of Kabba Township roads, Provision of street lights in Kabba and the modelling of Kogi state specialist Hospital lokoja in West Senatorial district among other projects as unprecedented, said this is what the country needs in Gov. Bello.

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Engr. Ohere described the State as a huge construction site, with the noise of heavy duty machine heard even by the deaf, said if Gov. Bello can turnaround the decayed Infrastructure in the State, he can reenact same feat in Nigeria.

Aside Infrastructure Revolution, Engr Ohere praised the unification agenda of Gov. Bello, insisting that in Kogi today, inspite our many tribes and tongues, we now speak one language of Unity.

The infrastructure development the Commissioner explained has attracted the influx of more investors and people to the state, expressed satisfaction that the Gov. Bello’s security architecture has made the state the most secured in Nigeria.

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The Commissioner concluded that Gov. Bello is what the country is waiting for for the infrastructure development, unification, security and economic revival the country needs in 2023 and beyond, urged for support for the realization of the aspiration.

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