2023 Presidency: Queue Behind Alhaji Yahaya Bello, Comrade Ismail Admonishes Nigerian Youths

Dear Nigerian youths, may your struggle for a better Nigeria for over a century never be in vein
1912 was the first time the Amalgamation of Nigeria Was planned, but a Nigerian youth, the first Nigerian Lawyer by Name Williams Sakpara challenged the plan of our slave Masters in a London court, his reasons were purely for the advancement of humanity and justice for all, the point I want us to note here is that he was a youth.

From then till about 20 years ago, every meaningful efforts, agitations, positives records and beautiful policilies are mostly by the Nigerian youths, from Williams Sakpara, to PA Aka Bashorun, to Obafemi Awolowo, to Sir Amodu Bello, to Namdi Azikwe, to sir Abubakar Tafawabalewa to Yakubu Gowon to many others, there are significant positive records against their names.

Those youths of then who were given opportunities to excel are today the excellent Elders who don’t want to leave the stage again.

They are the one who want to obstruct the queue for succession.
Dear Nigerians youths, these are the things you saw that led to the #endsars protest that almost consume all of us.

Truely, your reasons were geniue, and the protest justified. Today our protest must be taken to another level where the right channel for youth re emancipation has been provided.

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Let me use this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders who participated in the birth of NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL
The opportunity of electing our Representatives at all levels is open for us through balloting every four years, let us take our protest there to return our affairs and that of our land back to the Youth.

Let us make it a Youth O’Clock in 2023 by returning our affairs to ourselves, that is the only ways we can record youth Emancipation again.

Who can lead this struggle?
I have searched the length and width of this great country Nigeria and I found a solution in Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi state who himself is a Youth and has given the youth in Kogi the platforms, the opportunities, the supports to be the Drivers of their affairs.

Eighty percent ( 80% ) of Kogites in governance at all levels are youth who are not favoured because of where they come from, the religion they practice or the sons or daughters of who they are.

This type of leadership is what we need in this country , leadership of a government of the youth by the youth and for the general wellbeing of all Nigerians .

As at today, 10th January 2020, I am aware that over eleven million Nigeria youths have signed a letter to be handed over through some selected Youths a cross 36 states and FCT to His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello calling on him to accept to contest the position of the PRESIDENT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA comes 2023 because he has shown he is a detribalised Nigerian as Kogi is a micro cosmic image of Nigeria and since his coming to Kogi as Governor, the most disturbing issue of NEPOTISM is gone, because he is handling the insecurity in the state in the best ways that the Nigerian Army and police has awarded him severally and recommended his model to all Governors of the federation.

Because he is a Youth and has engage the youth in governance and making them Critical stakeholders in the running of the affairs of the state, because he is full of ideas and ideas rule the world and many other reasons as it contained in the expected letter.

Dear Nigerian youths, let us get the instrument for this struggle, our parmanent voters cards and begin to prepare for a new Nigeria
🔏Comrade Ade Ismail

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