2023: Those against Gov. Bello Presidential ambition are attention seekers, anti-people – Group replies Middle Belt Traditional Council

2023: Those against Gov. Bello Presidential ambition are attention seekers, anti-people – Group replies Middle Belt Traditional Council

A group under the auspice of Middle Belt Progressive Youth Movement, (MBPYM) has described those working against the presidential ambition of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State as attention seekers who does not mean well for the interest of Nigeria as a nation.

The group in a statement issued to journalist in Lokoja on Sunday, and signed by its Chairman Mr Hembadoon Tyehinba and Secretary, Daniel Dung David while reacting to a publication credited to the Middle Belt Traditional Council, (MBTC), as published in the Independent Newspaper of 2nd February, 2021 expressed shock and pains by the attempt of the author ( Chief Ochi Emmanuel Ode) to disparage the person of Gov. Yahaya Bello.

Describing the said publication of the Middle Belt Traditional Council, (MBTC), which was captioned ” 2023: North cannot back Yahaya Bello for President” as spurious and malicious, the Middle Belt Progressive Youth Movement noted that, they are forced to respond swiftly not to let the antics of the writer get into the throat of gullible and unsuspecting audience and thereby bringing the office and person of Governor Bello into public disrepute.

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The statement averred further that the statement of MBTC was a deliberate attempt hatched to use a willing hand (Chief Ochi Emmanuel Ode) to infest the minds and aspiration of Middle Belt people to gain the presidency, come 2023.

According to the group, ” the allegations are indeed hollow, it carries his insult on the intelligence of the public too far. The press release was inadvertently arranged deliberately to play fast by circumventing incontrovertible facts and realities, mood and pulse of the country, particularly the middle belt.

” In his unrepentant falsehood, he alleged that, Alhaji Yahaya Bello came third in the state APC primaries in 2015. This is a miscarriage of the writer sentiment and misadventures, carried too far. The fact remains that, Gov. Bello was the 1st runner up in the said election.

“This of course formed the basis to which he was called and handed the batton in the inclusive election. This decision was also endorsed by the supreme court judgment on the matter. We are sure Chief Ochi Emmanuel Ode was not wearing his crown to know these factual details.

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“In pursuance of his pent up mischief, Chief Ode alleged that, “Yahaya Bello is just making noise. We are not talking of APC backing him not to talk of the North backing him”. We are sad to note that, a Traditional ruler or a recognized title holder of worth will make the simplistic over-flow without substantiating.

“The writer should be told in a clearer terms that there are euphoria and platona of pressured demands on Gov. Bello from responsible traditional rulers, respectable Women of substance and Nigeria Youth Group ( His main Constituency), to contest for the 2023 presidential election.

” These exciting demands may be noise, but one too good to hear. Alhaji Yahaya Bello is hereby encouraged to make hills out of these noise until Chief Ode develop the functioning ears to hear”.

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The group however maintained that Governor Bello is well focused and determined to pick the inner advantages presented in the 2023 presidential race.

It added that Governor Bello will not be distracted by attention seeking fellows and paid destructors of hatched men.

” As a formidable group in the middle belt, we are encouraged by the courage and determination of Governor Bello. We urge him to heed the calls and request on him to contest the 2023 presidential election. We trust that, when Gov. Bello makes up his mind to contest, the week meaning people of Nigeria will not leave him standing. We should therefore ignore the ranting of hawkers waiting for banana peel to do a job” the statement added.


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