Abdullahi Abdulganiyu Describes HON Jibril Ahmadu S.A on Youth and Student Affairs Is The BEST S.A Ever Appointed

Thank you, Gov.Yahaya Bello,for given us.HON Jibril Ahmadu S.A on youth and student affair IS THE BEST S.A EVER* PRODUCED

An Association known as the white lion family which her membership cut across the 21 local government area’s of Kogi state down to the Ward’s level and having her members across the country and outside the country under the leadership of Hon Abdullahi Abdulganiyu, as the National Coordinator has unanimously come to a conclusion that Hon Jibril Ahmadu from Yagba East is the best S.A that ever produced in Yagba east.

The feasibility study before this conclusion arrived, after looking at the records and antecedents of the past Yagba East S.A, at the end of it. Hon Jibril Ahmadu Stands tall and their are some notable attributes which Hon Jibril Ahmadu possess, amidst them is that, He’s personality always carry all his people along, irrespective of your location or religion.

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Hon Jibril Ahmadu has contributed immensely in all ramifications to the progress and development of his local government and beyond
Hon Jibril Ahmadu attends to people who are not from his local government which shows that he is for all.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu is a Party loyal man who have contributed tremendously to the success of APC.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu is humble personified and easy going.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu is a Grass rooter to the core and this has shown in his Political stamina.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu has always set the people priority, making the general interest of his people above his personal interest.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu is a man that understands the nitty gritty and modus operandi of northern Nigeria politics.
Hon Jibril Ahmadu is very proactive and pragmatic in his
Job empowered alot of people in kogi state and beyond.

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With this and many more reasons we converge to arrived at this conclusion

The Association will be awarding Hon Jibril Ahmadu. S.A Yagba East local government which will be broadcast to show the viability and credible of Hon Jibril Ahmadu and to also motivate other S.A to emulate his foot steps.
The date for the event will be communicated soon.

Hon Abdullahi Abdulganiyu
The white lion National coordinator and Hon. Jibril Ahmadu support group. and the convener Okun stands with GYB 100%

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