Anti Party Activities: APC De-registers Yakubu Ugwolawo

Anti Party Activities : APC De-registers Yakubu Ugwolawo

Peeved by his activities anti party activities and other attitude towards that portrays the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ofu local government area, of Kogi State, which portrays the APC in bad light, the party has de-registers Yakubu Ugwolawo with immediate effect. 

Speaking with Journalists at the Ukpolochi polling  unit 006 Ugwolawo, headquarters of Ofu Local Government area yesterday,  the Chairman of Ukpolochi, Hon Shaibu Abalaka stressed that the decision to suspend Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo became imperative as he has little or no respect for the party thereby making uncomplimentary statements about the person of the governor.

He said that Ugwolawo’s smear campaign against institution and political leaders is legendary pointing out that the conducive political environment that the people of Ugwolawo are enjoying today under Governor Yahaya Bello cannot be allowed to be distorted by the antics of one person with very negligible political value.

According to the ward chairman of Ukpolochi unit 006, flanked by his entire executive members while speaking with our reporter,  Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo has been warned several times of his anti party practices to no avail leaving no other options than to delete his name from the register. 

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The local government chairman of APC,  in Ofu, Hon Yahaya Shagari while commenting on the ideas of Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo reiterated that as a formidable party in Kogi State preparing to produce a youthful governor,  a single person cannot turnback the hand of the clock. 

It would be recalled that Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo at a press briefing described Governor Bello as a liability to APC.

In a press statement addressed by the leader of the concerned group APC members, Dr. Yakubu Haruna Ugwolawo, with APC revalidation number: KG/KFU/14/08832, and made available to journalists in Lokoja on Tuesday, the group described Governor Bello’s recent activities on the pretext of contesting for the presidency as “reckless and insensitive”. 

The group said Bello’s new found friends , platform  and his  recent utterances in his bid  to prosecute  his  presidential ambition were at the detriment of the ruling APC.

“The governor today has put no one in doubt about his treacherous behaviour and betrayal tendency. Today, as can be seen as a result of his desperate and ill-advised presidential ambition, he has abandoned his benefactor, the number one leader of our party, President Muhammadu Buhari, by courting and associating with Baba’s sworn enemies and opponents,” he said.


Explaining, Dr ugwolawo who was Bello’s campaign Director General during his quest to contest the party primary election for the state governorship election in 2015  added that Governor Bello has openly shifted his allegiance to the sworn enemies of  President Buhari and the APC, in an attempt to achieve his perceived  2023  presidential ambition. 

Chairman of Ofu Local Government Council, Hon. Ibrahim Amodu who expressed disappoint at the behavior of Yakubu Ugwolawo, noted that he is standing alone in his act of disloyalty and disrespect for constituted authority.

He reaffirmed the party’s commitment to supporting Yahaya Bello noting that Bello remains one of the most loyal and impactful leaders in the APC.

In his words: “The uncomplimentary statements made by Yakubu Haruna and his faceless none existing concerned group, calling for the suspension of the leader of our party Yahaya Bello for what he called anti party activity is not only childish, but disrespectful, unpatriotic, condemnable and laughable”.

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Amodu added that the statement does not represent the stands of the party, but a statement made from a dreamer who is having an endless sleep and speaking out of illusion.

The council chairman who said he stands with the party for delisting Ugwolawo from the party said, the party has ignored Ugwolawo for long but said his delisting will serve as lesson to others.

he reaffirmed the fact Yahaya Bello enjoys a very strong and cordial relationship with the President Muhammadu Buhari and cannot be seen or accused of working against his interest.

He restated his commitment to see that Bello receive full support ahead of 2023 at the local Government, noting that, th actualization of the GYB to PYB project will be supported to the full

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