As KGIRS IMC Chairman, MAAI Made His Mark Excellently Well

As KGIRS IMC Chairman, MAAI Made His Mark Excellently Well*

Cleaning the augean table in KGIRS, you have once again proved your mettle as a stabilizer with integrity and goal getter with unparallel astuteness.

In the past 3months, which happens to be the limit of time given to the IMC under your chairmanship, you have not only repositioned the service for productivity, in between, you have injected fresh ideals that aligns perfectly with the core mandate of the services vis-a-vis rakes in more revenue without overburden effect on tax payers.

Today, the fact can’t be sholved aside, that the IGR of the state within time increased exponentially more than ever recorded in the system. Your expedient reforms had blocked leakages and curtailed excesses. Unveiling long age hidden treasures of revenue backlogs albinitio not known to the system.

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Am very sure, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello will be very excited having your calibre in his cabinet, much more, delighted to never have failed in the series of task shouldered on you. You have justified the trust and confidence hitherto reposed in you by His Excellency.

Beyond the honour and euphoria that comes with the name ASIWAJU, you have proven beyond measure to be a Frontier, pathfinder, Game changer and a rallying point towards nation building.

I am proud of you as always! Your numerous followers are excited of your indelible mark. Isanlu, your country home is blessed with your existence. Yagba land is profusely happy with your laudable strides. Okun nation is waiting for your emacipating manifestation. Kogi state can’t wait enough for your midas touch.


I heartily congratulate you sir and your IMC members for delivering well on the mandate of repositioning KGIRS for productivity and efficiency. You have done so well!

May Almighty God who created heaven and earth, continually increase you in wisdom, understanding and Grace to serve humanity in greater pedestal. May these flourishing future ahead never be cut short. Amin

Yours in service,


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