Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman is a Huge Asset to Surulere People, says Adeyinka Adedoyin

To fully appreciate the potential inherent in All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in Surulere Local Government, Hon Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman, the people of Surulere need to invest more in him. They need to give him maximum support to be chairman of the local government on July 24, 2021, says Hon Adeyinka Adedoyin.

Hon Adeyinka Adedoyin, All Progressives Congress (APC) leader in Lagos State, said the giant strides recorded by Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman in Surulere were evidence that he is capable of transforming the local government.

“Ability to perform should be the prerequisite for entrusting responsibility” he said.

Addressing prominent APC leaders in Ojuelegba on Thursday morning, Adeyinka Adedoyin said Surulere would experience an unprecedented era of economic development and good governance”

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“With Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman as chairman, Surulere Local Government will witness consolidated and programmed development that all men and women of goodwill will be good to be associated with” he said.

Adedoyin described Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman as a gifted manager of men and resources capable of running the affairs of Surulere successfully.

He said no part of Surulere would be left out in the scheme of things.

“In making appointments, Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman will take the entire geography of the local government into consideration. He will pay adequate attention to interests that will assist in the overall development of Surulere. He will spread social and infrastructural amenities” he said.

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Continuing, Adeyinka Adedoyin said “Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman is a man that personifies probity and accountability. His administration will implement policies and programmes that would empower the masses”

“There is a growing favour for what Bamidele Yusuf Suleiman stands for. More than ever before, the good people of Surulere have come to recognize the fact that he is a huge asset to them.”

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