by Eseyin Obat Isaiah

You are a Christian, but Politics is a dirty game to you. Have ye not read unto the pure everything is pure(Titus 1:15)? Of what value is your light? Ain’t you saved to save others? Our lord Jesus Christ said He came because of the sick, POLITICS is DIRTY because you are A christian whom is to shine the light and purify the dirtiness.
You are a Christian and politics is dirty game to you, have ye not read Acts 1:15 – 26.Case study of St.Matthias.

Summary of Acts of Apostle: The fulfillment of a prophecy created a vacancy (v.16ff). Judas Iscariot lost his position and needed to be replaced. Only God knew who would fill that vacancy; the Apostles didn’t, but they knew who they could ask so they took the necessary steps to do so. Peter, the leader, reminded them of the prophecy and the vacuum it created. He called their attention to the need of the hour and directed their hearts as to how to make the right choice.he must be from among us and must have been constant with us from the very beginning till now… (i.e., not a novice in Christ body). He must be one who has experienced Jesus and is willing and able to stand for Jesus and all He stood for…’ The people did their part- nomination (v.23) and still went back to God through prayers because He has the final say and He ‘alone knows every heart.’ Then they “voted'” and chose Matthias (vv. 24-26).

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How do we go about the choice of people who would occupy positions of leadership/service in our homes, churches and society? Do we involve God and follow due process or do we depend on what or who is involved? Only God knows every heart indeed (Jer. 17:9-10).
2023 election in Nigeria is around the corner. Let us involve God to help us choose the right leaders.


  1. Proverbs 29:2: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice:
  2. When kingdom people are in places of position, prayer point reduces.
  3. Politics is Policy
  4. It’s high time, if only we want anything to change for good to start preaching the gospel of why Christians should join and be active in politics.
  5. Politics is too important to be left for politicians alone
  6. The Good News is that INEC has opened their portal registration

Let’s make the best use of it pls.
Let’s do this for the sake of our future.


Here is the link:

Kindly hurry up to register for new CVR, changing and updating of your defaced permanent voter’s card.

Your PVC is your weapon to fight incompetency
Your vote is your power to choose
Let your vote count.

It’s my prayer that, God will help us make the right choices in leadership in all areas of life In Jesus name. Amen.

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