Concerned Gbaramatu Offshore Communities Removes Hon. George Timinimi as President

——- Writes PMB To
Disqualify Him As Community Rep in
Any PIA Related Matter

By Wilson Macaulay

Concerned Gbaramatu Offshore Communitiies, relevant stakeholders and all indigenes of Gbaramatu Offshore Communitiies has removed Hon. George Timinimi as the President of Gbaramatu Offshore Communities
and Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front as a result of a catalogue of perennial problems formented by Hon George Timinimi, in his 20 years of unfruitful reign as the President of Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front ( GEOCCF )

The Concerned Stakeholders formally
took the unilateral decision to totally remove Hon George Timinimi as the President/ Representative of Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front in respect of Petroleum lndustry Act (PIA ) and any other Offshore related matters .

The concerned stakeholders in an open letter addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari, the Minister of State for Petroleum, Chief Timipre Sylva, the lnspector Genereral of Police,, the Director of DSS, the NNPC Group Managing Director, Mele Kyari signed by Deacon Barry Mulade, Mr Francis Keniye, Freeborn Igere,Mr lsaac Gbenewei ,
Capt David Ukulor and
Mr Governor Kemiyen ltiemongha made
available to Daily Independent Newspaper reads in
part : ” We the concerned stakeholders through this missive hereby placed it on record before Your Excellency, General Muhammadu Buhari (RTD ), President Federal Republic of Nigeria that the Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front and the Gbaramatu offshore Communities have experienced compounded challenges, as a result of the leadership failure of Hon George Timinimi who has been running an authocratic Government for the past 20 years without any positive impact and achievements for the Communities.


The Statement emphasized that due to the crass display of Hon George Timinimi nonchalant attitude towards taking responsibility and obligations about various suggestions made by the concerned stakeholders of the Gbaramatu Communitiies, Hon George Timinimi is no longer fit to preside over the affairs of Gbaramatu Offshore Communities and the Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front .

The Concerned Stakeholders, gave some specific and fundamental reasons Which led to the rejection and removal action taken against Hon George Timinimi.

The concerned Gbaramatu stakeholders and indigenes itemized the
reasons as follow :

1 Deprivation of the constitutional and fundamental rights of the Gbaramatu Offshore Communitiies.

2 The absence of Youth / Women Empowerment during Hon George Timinimi “s twenty years in office in his capacity as the President . All efforts muted to broker a truce failed as Hon George Timinimi refused to address the hardship situation of the Communitiies.

3 . Hon George Timini leadership as President of Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Offshore Communities for
20 Solid years did not provide any Developmental Project be it in health sector, education, electricity or portable drinkable water , etc.
There is no project he can point to as a legacy to his posterity .
He is indeed a total failure that cannot be condoned by any progressive minded Community, hence the nececcity to show him the way out since his clannish desires are at disparity with the collective interest of Gbaramatu kingdom

4 Hon George Timinimi through his refusal to call for a town hall meeting, for the overall growth and development of our Communitiies, the pompous George has consistently failed to listen to the voice of reason as he was not willing to address salient issues of Development raised by various Stakeholders when the opportunity was
there for him.

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5 We also wish to affirm that one other additional reason why we decided to pass a vote of no confidence on Hon George Timinimi is his inability to come up with a constitution to guide the Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Offshore Communitiies in his twenty years of unproductive leadership of the body, hence our collective and unilateral decision to step him aside in the general interest of all the Communitiies.

6 No Accountability . Hon. George Timinimi in his widest imagination believes that he is a metaphor of the Communitiies so he does not see any reason for consultation and accountability

7 No award of Scholarship for our children who are ready to study but lack the financial muscles to continue their education. For reasons best known to Hon George Timinimi , decided not to implement the Scholarshilp Programme in our Communitiies
9 Hon George Timinimi was an authocratic Sole Administrator who did not carry People along neither did he consult the stakeholders when he held sway in Office like a vexed adder that shut her ears to every voice of reason, hence his removal and rejection for any further appointment relating to the Gbaramatu offshore community matters and the PIA.
10 He created room for chains of court cases which has not favored him .


The highly disappointed Stakeholders stressed the need for President Buhari to use the instruments of his good Office, to direct the IGP , all law enforcement agencies , Companies and the general public to please take note of the current Development in respect of the removal of the tyrannical Hon George Timinimi the former President of Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front and Gbaramatu offshore Communities in the interest of peace and development.

The Stakeholders expressed confidence in PMB thus : “Your Excellency Sir, we crave your indulgence as a champion in the crusade against bad leadership to ensure that bad leaders like our Hon George Timinimi is not allowed in any representative Position in the PIA. Since the leopard cannot change its spots, there is no way for George Timinimi to amend his ways.”

While stressing the gravity of the issue at hand the Stakeholders added: ” we hereby declare our stand firmly that Gbaramatu offshore Communities shall be autonomous severed from the former Gbaramatu Egbema Ogulagha Coastal Communities Front in respect of the PIA formation and other offshore related matters.

The Stakeholders in their summàtion
remarked : ” We look forward to the cooperation of the good office of all concerned to this noble objective for us to achieve zero tolerance for bad leadership in our Communities in particular and Nigeria genereral.

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