DELTA 2023: Urhobos Should Put Their House in Order and Stop Blackmailing Each Other – OBULE


Comrade Francis Obule (JP), the coordinator, PDP Mobilizers has called on the political leaders of the Urhobo nation to put their house in order and stop blackmailing each other ahead of the Delta State gubernatorial race in 2023.

Comrade Francis Obule who made this call in his office in Warri stated that the call became paramount and imperative due to persistent series of blackmail stories making headlines in the mainstream and social media against Urhobo sons and daughters especially on Chief James Onanefe Ibori, Governor of Delta State, 1999 – 2007.,

Chief Peter Mrakpor SAN, Delta State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, former Minister of State for Education, Olorogun David Edevbie, Delta State Chief of Staff and many others as the cloud for 2023 gathers momentum.

Comrade Francis Obule pointed out that, Chief James Onanefe Ibori is an illustrious son of Urhobo  who has succeeded in building a formidable political empire from which uncountable number of people have benefited across the State.

He advised that, if any one wants to whittle the political influence of Ibori, he or she can go ahead and create his or her own political platform or family without the use of blackmail against any body because the syndrome will not help the Urhobo nation.

According to the erudite Justice of Peace, by 2023, the Urhobos would have been out of Executive power in the State for sixteen years, adding that they cannot afford to lose this exalted position come 2023 on the altar of blackmail and stomach infrastructure.

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Comrade Obule, the PDP Chieftain from Sapele LGA stressed that, he understands that the likes of Chief Charles Obule, Omizu Ejaife Odebala, Right Hon. Chief Sheriff Oborevwori, Chief James Augoye and many others also have interest in taking a shot at the Delta Governorship position come 2023.

He explained that there is need for all aspirants from the Okpe conclave to put their house in order and come out with their first eleven and go into negotiation with the other general Urhobo candidates and make them to see reasons why the Okpe Urhobos should produce the Governor, which will be a smooth run to Dennis Osadebey House Asaba come 2023.

Francis Obule appealed to the ljaw nation to understand the principle of the zoning formular, which was put in place in the wisdom of the PDP leadership in Delta State in the era of Chief James Onanefe Ibori.

Obule posited that, there is no need for class struggle for the political power across the three districts when the system has already played itself out as a template anchored on zoning which if adhered to will reduce cost of elections.

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The good governance advocate affirmed that within the next period of years, it will also come to the turn of the Ijaw people whereby nobody will challenge them.

He stated further saying: “I understand their grievances, because of some Urhobo sons who refused to obey the zoning formular from other political parties.”

Obule made it explicitly clear that, the deviance does not suggest that majority of the Urhobos suported that action, hence the Urhobos worked massively for our freat party the PDP in the 2019 general election, whereby the PDP won 23 Local Governments out of 25 which has never happened before in Delta State.

He advised the Ijaw political class to drop the idea of contesting with the Urhobos and follow the zoning principle laid down by the party leadership since 1998.

While emphasizing the need for the Ijaws to take it cool, Obule said: “Going by Carl Marx definition of politics as a class struggle, the Ijaws have the right to struggle for power come 2023, but in my humble opinion that is not necessary”.
Comrade Obule reminded them: ” ,Don’t forget that the zoning formula started with Chief James Ibori from Delta Central, and to begin with Delta Central come,2023.
Obule who also harped on the way forward for the UPU, said: “I am using this auspicious moment to advice the Urhobo People on the issue of factional UPU in Urhobo nation for it to be addressed by the Urhobo traditional rulers and the President Generals of the twenty four kingdoms of Urhobo nation to unite both factions together so that Urhobo can stand united in one accord to make one statement.

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Speaking further, Obule said: “I appeal to Chief James Ibori to use the instrument of his goodwill to broker a truce in the UPU imbroglio so that the dramatis personae can put behind whatever transpired before. 

Comrade Obule while making reference to what happened in the past warned: ” The Urhobo nation should be wise and come together as one to be able to get it right, don’t forget about what happened to late Senator Fred Brume, when he was the then General Manager of DSC and how some group of Urhobo people who were interested in his position then, ganged up against him and that was the end of DSC till today, therefore Urhobo nation can not afford to lose this election come 2023, to any other part of the state, just because of blackmailing and stomach infrastructure, he concluded.

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