Politics, like the game of football is not won or lost, until the final whistle. Just as it is in a match where you can’t bet on the outcome with certainty, the intrinsic game of politics can spring unfathomable result with bewilderment.

As the clock inexorably ticks towards 2023 general elections, (House of Representatives, to be specific), the usual political upheavals, which of course, is a recurring decima are starting to resurface.

In view of the foregoing, Politicians, Strategists, Analysts and opinion moulders are all dissecting the political dynamics, workings and possible permutations. Albeit, the Analysts are having a torrid task of plotting the bearings right, but the electorates who are often on the receiving end can only watch and ‘sidon look’ as events continue to unfold as we are getting closer to 2023.

In order not to digress from the main subject of discourse, it would amount to a desecration of political history, disservice to humanity and misplacement of judgmental reasoning if the urbane, savvy and Cosmopolitan Speaker, Kogi State House Of Assembly is not thrown into the Political fray of House of Representatives, Kabba – Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency come 2023.

For us, as an incurable optimist and progress inclined Constituents, it is imperative, not to be plagued with common and perennial leadership deficits. It is, also expedient to aggregate the best quality of an outstanding performer with qualitative experience that wouldn’t present our dear Constituency as one that is bereft of ideas, values and requisite intelligentsia.

The incumbent Speaker, Kogi State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Matthew Kolawole needs no introduction in the political firmament of our dear State, and by extension, Nigeria culminating into the diaspora.

With no iota of pessimism, he is a political firebrand, strategically poised to explore his goodwill with the indigent people, asserts his influence and leadership acumen into full maximization in the Political arena come 2023.

Before his foray into politics, we have been inundated with mediocre leadership, lack of leader- servant posture, subservient integrity and incoherent loyalty.

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Expectedly, leadership position ought to be for the God- fearing. Political leaders ought to look beyond petty sentiments, greed avarice and boundaries. Leadership should be responsive, responsible and having a human face.

Without being immodest, Kolawole possesses all these traits in quantum and leap!

In view of his legislative excellence, bridge – building techniques, versatility, multiple competencies and servant – leader posture in and out of the State Assembly, it is evidential and a project worth supporting that if given a chance in the Green Dome of our National Assembly, he shall put all these unprecedented political pedigree and voyage to bear for the overall betterment of humanity and to the glory of God Almighty.

In our political clime, we were known for routine depravity, myopic leadership, impunity, visible lack of under- development and inefficient and highly politicised empowerment initiatives. Kolawole’s unassailable traits would help in no small measure to overcoming the recurring shortcomings associated with past leadership, masquerading as Political messiah’s!

As individuals and Political animals, what are we imputing into the efforts that others are making in pursuit of the realisation of good governance!?

As an ardent, core and unrepentant GYBist, who is a lover of youth development and inclusiveness, he shall build on his human capital development drives if given the opportunity. For once, it would serve as a top – end to arresting the menace of anti- social behaviours and juvenile delinquencies in our Constituency.

Under the tutelage, influence and watch of the eagle- eyed Lawmaker, a very good number of his Constituents are either being appointed or gainfully employed by the State government into Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

This singular gestures is no mean achievements!

With no exaggeration, the Peoples Representative annual empowerment drive, in partnership with the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and Kabba Development Union (KDU) is the first of its kind in the political annals of Kabba- Bunu State Constituency. To put it mild, it is, indeed, a trailblazer!

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At the end of several months intensive training, each of the hundreds of graduands are equipped with materials, tools and equipment to start up a business as an entrepreneur.

As we speak, 100’s are undergoing trainings in Shoe- making, Fashion Designing, Plumbing, Hairdressing/ Stylist and Home Management/ Catering services. These are no balderdash. They are verifiable statement of facts.

As 2023 beckons, MKO is diligently and quitely fraternizing with God as usual for direction and guidance. He has seamlessly reassured his numerous supporters and well- wishers that 2023 belongs to God.

On the contrary, his teeming admirers have a different opinion. Instructively, they have charged him to continue with the good work and robust legislative engagements in the National Assembly.

Ceteris paribus, if performance, Communal development and people – centered innovations is the yardstick required to choose who represents us at the Green Dome , Kolawole fits the bill perfectly. He conjoins charisma with intellect in all his endeavours both in private or public life.

In 2023, discerning minds and people who know whose aspirant have a heart of gold in ameliorating their sufferings would salivate meritocracy over mediocrity.

The time is now, for us to dine, wine and dwell with an aspirant, whose major pre- occupation is to continue setting a benchmark whenever in a position of trust.

Kolawole remains an enigmatic figure who possesses the requisite characteristics to serve courageously, imbued with the psychological wherewithal to make positive impacts where necessary.

This piece is not intended to flatter, approbate or reprobate. Rather, it is an avenue to disseminate the whole truth, and possibly, set the record straight of the landmark contributions of this icon of peace, humility , Unifier and a performer par excellence, in whom the people are well – pleased. He is not just a collossus bestrodding our political climate, he is first amongst equals.

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However, we are concerned for peace, justice and triumph of reason, but if conservatism connotes the adherence to the old, tried and trusted against the new and untried, Kabba- Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency is blessed with an old wine in a new bottle – an incorruptible Lawmaker, an afficionado who has zero tolerance for bad governance, a great manager and leader of repute, an epitome of peace, equity and justice, a thorough- bred business Enterpreneur cum Politician and an apostle of development who has ceaselessly cross the t’s and dot the i’s in order to guarantee his Constituents a bright, assured and infinite future where hope, greatness, talents and potentials will be optimally maximized.

In our clime, politics- wise, a great performer thinks the glass is half- filled – that is, there is more to be done. While a non- performer thinks the glass is theirs to be kept, that is, greedy and not willing to serve diligently.

Rt. Hon. Kolawole is liberal- minded; he has the confidence of his Constituents, ignited by prudence, accountability and periodic stewardship.

For us as a Constituents, after careful considerations and juggling all the aspirants vying for Kabba- Bunu/ Ijumu, House of Representatives election, Kolawole have been rated above pass mark – he is versatile, highly industrious, accessible, humane, pliable, God- fearing, people- driven and a go – getter in all his dealings both in public and private capacities.

This is not an hyperbole!

In summary, Kolawole is a pragmatic leader who knows how to use influence and the rare privilege of leadership in the best interest of the common people.



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