Seriously a #NIGERIAN inside Kogi is making a different mark and this i think should be highly commended.

Kogi State is relatively peaceful, even at the high event of the world’s general phenomenon, Kogi got no COVID.

ENDSARSNOW is another BIG testament of the technical mind/solution and the purposeful leadership style of the Governor of my dear state, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello delivering at hand in the state of confluence, our peaceful coexistence in the state is yielding and by God’s grace there will be no panic and fear just like we recorded during the pandemic !

The supposed fear, the panic and the high blood pressure arised from this notion (#EndSARS ) in the mind of an ordinary kogites was technically killed and droped, this is not about the governor, but of God Almighty through him, let’s give the glory to the keeper of our soul ( God ) for his protection, favour and mercy on us in the confluence state till this moment even at the face of these serious event and to the end of it by God’s grace. GOD, we return all the adoration to you because Kogi state is always a safety zone !


My support on the agitations by the original youths and the real protesters ( not the hijacked one ooo ) on the #EndSARS is still till tomorrow, the agitation’s initiator should go to the table with the Federal Government’s dialogue room, burning of government properties is not the solution, killing of our youths is not the solution, the solution should be dialogue with human face from the both side ( the youths & FG ) with God, the youths have won this battle !

I want to use this medium to commend/appreciate the Nigerian youths for standing tall on this agitations, succinctly we are the winner and God Almighty will keep delivery of his mercy on our JERUSALEM !

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Oh God, please take away every Samballat & Tobiahs of this country and return PEACE !

Today, there is a deep-hole in my mind talking the destructions in Lagos, the lekki saga, the many burning of government legacy property and so on, i condemn this in totality because Lagos state is a Nigeria in reality and any injection on that part of the country is an injection on us all because of her peculiarity/pertinent to our economy !

Frankly speaking, the perpetual silence of our current President is a bad omen that all of us irrespective of our political class should condemned at this critical time of our dear nation, his talking might have safe many grounds, his solutions might have ” CALMING DOWN ” the highly spirited situation, his live broadcast would have provide solutions to the demand by the real agitators, his address would have been a one BIG stone to many behavior, the suavity of manner in that supposed communication to Nigerians would have been a standing ovation !

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Let’s keep praying for Nigeria !
May God bless Nigeria !!
May God bless Kogi state !!!

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