Nigeria @61: Augoye felicitates with Deltans

By Wilson Macaulay

Delta State immediate past Commissioner for Works and Delta State 2023 Governorship hopeful,Chief James Augoye has felicitated with Nigerians, especially Deltans on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of Nigeria’s independence.

In his independence message issued on Thursday, Chief Augoye stated that though the journey of our nationhood has been fraught with so many challenges, Nigerians have matched on strong.

Augoye noted that history has shown that many nations of the world have passed through even more tumultuous and difficult periods in their journey to greatness and nationhood, but they overcame.

The Delta State immediate past Commissioner for Works expressed optimism that no matter the challenges Nigerians, and especially Deltans are passing through, the time to overcome is near.


Continuing he remarked: “Today, I join all Nigerians, especially Deltans to celebrate the 61st Independence Day of our dear nation. No doubt the journey of our nationhood has been fraught with so many challenges, but I am sure that we are closer to overcoming than ever before

Going further, he emphasized :”With every day that counts, we are getting closer to achieving the vision of our founding fathers. For me, our Independence Day is a day that calls for retrospection on how far we have come as a nation, and looking ahead on what the future holds for us as a people.

“It is time for us as a nation to chart a new course that will lead us into prosperity and advancement in all spheres of human endeavors, having been immensely blessed by God with rich human and natural resources.

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“As a people, we have to sit back and reflect on those things we do as individuals, and as a collective, which have been holding us back as a nation from achieving the goals and dreams of our founding fathers.

“We have to do away with what is not working for us, and re-emphasize and double up on what is working for us to build a nation where peace and justice shall reign.

“As we mark the 61st anniversary of our Independence Day today, it is my earnest prayer that Nigeria will return to the path of greatness, where the people can proudly say, we are Nigerians.

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“God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and all her people. Happy Independence Day to all Nigerians, at
home and in diaspora, Augoye concluded.

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