Nigerian’s North and South rotation is an injustice against North Central/minority ethnic groups and must stop in 2023… Omoluabi

demands Presidential ticket zoning to North Central being the only zones yet to produce elected President or Vice…

The Special Adviser to Kogi State Governo, Alh Yahaya Bello on Civil Service and Labour Matters, Omoluabi Bode Adeyemi has said that the North and South rotation of presidency is a grave injustice, wickedness, subjugation and leadership annihilation against the people of North Central Nigeria He made the statement during as forty five minutes interview where he was a guest discussant on Stardom Global Television on Thursday.

Hon Omoluabi who spoke on various issues as regards the activities of governance under Governor Yahaya Bello, civil servant’s welfare, roads infrastructure, health care delivery and 2023 presidential election. He said the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello is one that is committed to providing accelerated development for the benefits of the people, he says the Governor has penchant fore good Jobs, equity and fair sharing of all government patronage.

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On Health Care, Omoluabi says the Governor established a new health care insurance scheme to guarantee constant, permanent and sustainable access to almost free and very productive health services for the people. He said the government is building unprecedented health infrastructure, that the government is currently building to teaching hospitals for the two state owned university and five ultramodern general hospital is Isanlu, Koto, Ajaokuta etc.

On road construction, he said the second best construction company in Nigeria, CCECC is currently at advance stage of Kabba Township roads, he said Okene township roads have fixed, Idah-Umomi and several others. He said the government is building the first ever flyover in Lokoja and several other project.

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He also spoke on Salary of civil servants, Omoluabi says state workers are receiving full payment on or before the last day of the month, he said the government challenge has been there fore over 11 years, but government is exploring ingenious means to overcome the challenges of LGAs. Omoluabi says Governor Yahaya Bello is committed to promoting, welfare such as housing, health care services and other incentives.

The Special Adviser also talked about the 2023 Presidential election and said the best way to respect zoning is to recognize the geopolitical zones that haven’t had a taste of governing the nation. He urged Nigerians to throw their support for the aspiration of the Governor

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