Operation Light up Ankpa: All hope is not lost – Kogi Deputy Speaker

Operation Light up Ankpa: All hope is not lost.

Press Statement

It is no longer news that, the ancient town of Ankpa LGA has for many years, suffers epileptic power supply which has affected us in different ways, especially in businesses, social activities, and has thrown communities into total darkness and could be prone robbery attacks.

There have been several calls by concerned stakeholders and most especially the youths of Ankpa LGA, who have of recent, raised their golden voice to the government over this challenge of power supply. I must commend theneffort of our youths so far in meeting with AEDC Ankpa branch to get first hand information. If you are not informed, you are deformed.

Kindly recall that, there is ongoing efforts to light Up Kogi Eastern Senatorial District, a project tagged “Operation Light Up Kogi East”, an effort that is aimed at alleviating the sufferings faced by the people and in improving the Socio-economic development of the people of the district.

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The project timeline which has already kick-started will include the upgrading of Itobe Bridge Cable by crossing, 150mm x 1 Core Cable to 300mm x Core cable. The 300mm cable can carry 45 MW load at maximum while the entire load of Kogi east currently stand at 25MW. It may interest you to know that the existing cable has loading capacity of 14.5 MW this obvious reason was responsible for the load shedding in Idah and Anyigba axis.

The light up Kogi East project also include installation of distribution substations in 24 towns and villages, construction of High Tension and Low Tension Lines. With the setting up of power transmission substation, communities would receive supply at same time without overloading. Ankpa will also benefit hugely from this.

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In Ankpa LGA today, our source of electricity is transmitted from Otukpo LGA in Benue state which is about 87 Kilometers from Ankpa, and the distance in transmission between Ankpa and Oturkpo – communities also tapping from the lines of transmission leads to the huge load thereby the shortage of power supply. If this project is achieved, our days of darkness would be over totally.

The Committee set up by the State Government has the Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, Sheikh Alh. Mustapha Abubakar General – Khalifa, and other prominent sons and stakeholders from Ankpa LGA as members.

While I appreciate the call to end the total darkness in Ankpa from our very able, dynamic and determined youths, and also from various stakeholders, I urge us to also have faith in the government as all hope is not lost. It may take little time, but it must be achieved!

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I stand with you on this and I am confident we shall see the light.

Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed
Deputy Speaker, KGHA

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