Profile of Dr.Bello Charles Kolawole, aka Bello Ijumu Jnr.

  1. Dr.Bello Charles Kolawole
  2. Born April 20, 1974 in Ayetoro Gbede, Ijumu LGA
  3. Bello, aka Bello Ijumu Jnr
  4. He’s a prince of the Royal Family of Late Oba Daniel Bello the first king of Ayetoro Gbede.
  5. His father late chief I I Bello, was a famous community and Okun leader reputed as Teacher of Teachers.
  6. His mother, Chief Mrs Elizabeth Bello is woman leader. She is currently the Iyaloja of Ayetoro Gbede and Iya-Ijo of St Peter Anglican Church.
  7. The Political Scientist and House of Rep hopeful is well educated. He holds a master’s degree in Political Economy and Development Studies. He’s a Doctor of Philosophy; a Ph.D holder in Political Science with specialisation Political Economy. Also armed with many professional qualifications in management and banking related fields.
  8. As seasoned Political Scientist, Dr. Bello is better prepared and has cutting edge of parliamentary knowledge and legislative tools to provide quality representation for Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu Federal Constituency.
  9. Dr. Bello is into private sector engagement and currently works as MD/CEO of a leading Finance House in Abuja. He’s also a Chairman, Director and Board member of many companies in the frontline of Nigeria’s economy.
  10. Bello Ijumu Jnr is a gòod Christian and a radical for Jesus. He’s ordained as a Deacon and serves with Living Faith Church for over a decade now.
  11. The little known Bello, is best described as a giver and philanthropist per excellence! Contrary to propaganda displayed by politicians in empowerment programs, many sons and daughters of Okunland are beneficiaries of Bello’s Islamic and Christian tenets of giving. He’s humble and generous.
  12. Dr Bello Ijumu Jnr is a progressive and naturally fit as a card carrying member of APC. In following the footsteps of his late father/uncle, Late Chief Bello Ijumu, the touch bearer of Aminu Kano and founding secretary general of NEPU, Dr Kolawole Bello is a welfarist and believes in socialist reconstruction. He’s capable of leading progressive change.
  13. As Unionist, Bello was Secretary General/President Ayetoro Gbede Student Union 1996/97, President Okun Student Union, Unilorin Chapter 199798 and National President Ijumu Student’s Union 1999/2000. Bello Ijumu Jnr tenured is well remembered for essay and quiz competion, inter-quaters and community sports competitions, end of year beauty pageant, scholarship award, student bursary payment, Student Library Development and succesful end of year conferences and night parties among many other events.
  14. As Activist, Bello Ijumu Jnr, is outspoken and famous for constructive engagement on topical community and national issues
  15. Dr Bello is a researcher and scholar. He has written several books and publications in local and international journals.
  16. Bello Kolawole is happily married and blessed with four children.

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