I initially did not want to publicly react to the rumors in the social media that there is tension in the ODA as Mokikan wants to elongate his tenure.
My family, both immediate and extended, is worried. Many of the people I respect highly are concerned and some have called me about it.
There are some rumors that fizzle out on their own. You do not worry about such rumors. Some rumors however take on a life of their own and before you know it, some unintended consequences begin to manifest.

The rumor about Mokikan and tenure elongation appears to belong to this second category.

As a student of Management, I learnt very early in my career that when people do not hear what they should hear they begin to hear what they want to hear. It is therefore important for me to make my position known so as to provide a dispassionate Okun public the information needed.

The last ODA Executive Meeting took place on Friday September 4. 2020. The Social media was awash from Monday September 7 2020, just three days after the meeting with detailed and in some aspects, distorted account of what transpired at the meeting. This must be the work of some mischief makers.

On July 31, 2020, when it became obvious to me and all the Executive Members that I would not be able to attend the next ODA Exco meeting whenever it took place, I sent a chat to the ODA Exco Platform and suggested two items to be included in the Agenda of the meeting. I quote here the relevant portion of the chat:

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The chat is still on our platform it’s just that you all do not have access to it. We however have our representatives on the Exco. You can double check with them.

The constitution provides for a three-year term and a maximum of two terms. We are completing our first term in October as we were sworn in in October 2017. This was the reason I wrote what I wrote as quoted above. I never could have imagined that anyone with minimal understanding will interpret going for a constitutionally allowed second term to mean tenure elongation if not for mischief.

When I served in a tenured office at NECA where there were non-monetary rewards for good service, such as being on Employers team to Geneva, Norway, South Africa, Italy, or nomination to serve on Federal Government Boards, I was asked to continue after my constitutionally approved term because of what they believed I brought to the table. I refused, emphasizing the need to avoid what we criticize others for. NECA is still there. If you get there, ask who they used to call “Our Life Chairman”.
Is it when I get to a voluntary office where you are compelled to commit your personal resources because of your passion for your goals and your desire to succeed that I will complete my tenure and seek for tenure elongation? Is it the humongous monetary rewards, or is it the strong support that ODA enjoys from members, or is it the deliberate sabotage from some Association members that I won’t want to miss?
There is nothing like tenure elongation with the Exco that God gave me the grace to belong to please.

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We started out in 2017 and pledged our collective commitment to transparency and normalcy. Towards that we make our account public every two weeks or a longer period, depending on how money comes in. We instituted quarterly meeting, rotating it among all the Okun constituent blocks. We instituted the annual general meeting, AGM where we give account of our stewardship for the year. These are normal private sector hangovers that I believe could earn the Association some credibility and respect.

I have a family name that we in the family are extremely proud of and I’m willing to fight to defend and protect it if need be.

Yes, it is true we are reviewing our constitution. There is nothing unusual about that.

Tenure elongation is not one of the areas needing a review.

We have very critical issues that require constitutional provisions that the extant constitution is silent on.

The revised constitution will pass through a ratification process at the AGM before it becomes operational.

I am hoping and praying that the AGM will hold before the end of our tenure in October. Our only challenge is funding. As at today, we have less than N25,000.00 in our account, yes less than N25,000.00 in ODA account. I’m optimistic that in spite of that, we will have an AGM.

Let me thank all those who, because of what they know about me, have tried to provide very fair and objective perspective into this distraction.

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I want to particularly appreciate My Mummy, the one woman I call my Mummy, a leader of one of the vibrant Okun Women Associations. When I was campaigning for this office, a brother introduced me to her. She received me very warmly and told me she had some questions for me.

i. She asked if I was prepared for this job and I said yes.

ii. She asked me how i would feel if I do all that is within my capability and the results show and there is nothing like thank you from any Okun person.

iii. She asked me how enduring I could be, how much insult I could take before I got angry.

iv. And she asked of my agenda for Okun.

My Mummy, I thank you so much for those prophetic insights. Extremely helpful for me from the day I took office and as I pass through this phase of my tenure which I also know will pass.

I learnt one prayer very quickly, shortly after I came into office. I have not stopped praying that prayer.


My joy in all of this is that within this short period that i came on board, ODA has acquired that sweet smelling aroma that people now want to outdo each other to serve. I just hope it is genuine.

I Thank you for your time.

Barrister Femi Mokikan
Okun Development Association (ODA)

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