By Rotr. Jibrin Salisu Destiny

Let me quickly make reference to K.Blanchard, he said “The key to successful leadership is influence not authority”.

Times and seasons are not determined by us as humans, we are predestined by the creator. Our exploits and antecedents are measured by what we venture into to bring results.

The peculiarity of a human being is not known in the time of comfort but that of when responsibilities are bestowed upon one.

Effective leaders have great inspirational qualities.True leaders are gifted with exceptional influencing and charismatic qualities, which can drive others for delivering their best or demonstrate excellence in performance for exceeding expectations.

For every society to be known and well Recognised, it must be well developed.
And they is no way development will come to any land without the help of a good leader.

And for a leader to develop he must be committed towards his goal on how and why development force should rise which Hon. Ahmed Muhammed  is encoded with.
Commitment as well defined by the dictionary, is The act or an instance of committing, putting in charge, keeping, or trust.
Having noted this definition, he has taken charge and he is ever ready to take full responsibility of our resources in the state to bring the best.

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For this reason, Hon. Ahmed Muhammed has continued to develop Ankpa1 Constituency to the best of his trial. He has touch every nook and cranny of Ankpa Local Government with the best strategy to enforce development.

In Nigeria today, Government’s performance is very key, Citizens now hold their leaders accountable. It is not easy to see few conscientious persons who come into politics solely because they are driven by desire to serve passionately. Kogi state,  a place where government and the governed are in communion on what the people need and how government is able to make aspiration come to pass is examplary. Hon. Ahmed Muhammed is imbued with leadership prowess, derives from adoption of technical-rationality. This is guided by his wealth of knowledge, competence, deep respect for professionalism and integrity as fundamental elements of effective governance.

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No doubt, his simplicity, commitment and focus is speaking volume already and  his vision statement is clearly stated even to the deaf.

The scorecard for the last four years has been replete with outstanding achievements, ground breaking events and the initiation of legacy projects which have not only transformed the landscape of the local government and state impressively but also ensure comprehensive sustenance of well-being of the people in line with the development blueprint released for the second term in office. This reiterates the commitment and determination of the administration to work and serve the good people of Ankpa1 Constituency. Apart from security and significant progress is also made in the delivery of Health Care and Education, Infrastructure and Services to the people.

This is someone we can put our hundred percent trust with and be rest assured of positive results because positivism is his believe.

He is leading the way in determination to deliver change and take Ankpa1 Federal Constituency in “LETS DO MORE” for consolidation. Hon. Ahmed Muhammed is paying special attention to key areas of internal security and humanitarian services, health and education put the local government and constituency on the right track.

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However, government cannot talk about strengthening public service delivery without discussing the issues of accountability and prudent deployment of resources which has been top priorities for his administration. With his penchant for good governance and accountability is commended by the people of Ankpa Local Government and the Constituency  for doing well in good governance, shunning all forms of parochial interests, improves peace and development in the community.

To crown it all, Development they say start from the mind and saturated with the sense of how it will come to be, that’s what Hon. Ahmed Muhammed stand to bring into light in Ankpa, kogi and beyond.

He’s Developed,
He’s a Developer.


Rotr. Jibrin Salisu Destiny writes from Omala Local Government
(Media Wizard)

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