Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) Launches Free Health Care services for Pregnant Women

In his quest to ensure the people enjoy quality medical care, Distinguished Senator Smart Moses Adeyemi (CON) launch a free health care service to cater for the pregnant women which covers from antenatal through delivery.

Over 1,000 beneficiaries are captured under the health insurance scheme of Senator Smart Adeyemi. The Senator took upon himself to pay the bills. We have had many beneficiaries given birth to triplets, twins and one and they have shown their heartfelt appreciation to Senator Smart Adeyemi for his kind gesture and benevolence extended towards their families.

It is also on record that Senator Smart Adeyemi in time past distributed over 22 ambulances across Kogi State, built health care services, facilitates the construction and reconstruction of hospitals, shared medical equipments and foreign beds to mention few.

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This is a clear indication that Senator Smart a man with outstanding performances and viable representation is keen about the welfarism and improved living condition of the people and has been working assiduously to maintain the momentum and making more positive imprints across Kogi West and beyond.

May Almighty God continue to bless and uphold our own Distinguished Senator Smart Moses Adeyemi (CON).

PROF FEMI, Adeleye Oluwafemi II

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