Hcff, Ogidi people promised you a  loudest welcome to Ogidi day festival 2021. Your presence to the arena on Saturday 19th of June 2021 was actually a promise fulfilled by Ogidi people whose style of announcing and welcoming you was a thunderous ovation that almost brought down the rain from a cloudy firmament of the day.  No doubt it worth it for a man whose massage/address at the occasion was very unique. He gave the address without reading from any prepared paper yet he touches all areas that are dare to the people of Ogidi Ela including the invitee.

A lot to take home from the address of the  chairman of Ogidi day festival 2021 ranging from” *love to one another, giving back to your community, work with government of the day, participate in your community efforts at making life better for the people and the most ear lifting among his address is the promise  to lobby the government for the consideration of the age long road, the first and fastest  road to Lagos from the north central.*

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On behalf of Ogidi Ela people who may not be opportune of meeting you to show their appreciation, especially  on the remarkable, memorable and land mark projects commissioned on that day. The water project completed and commissioned, from where General Marwa Buba took a glass  cup of water, the financial and materials empowerment to people on the same day is mouth watering.

Also on behalf of the organizer, we appologise for the hitches encountered on the sitting arrangements, where you show your humility and a sportsmanship spirit of love. You remember before coming back from the project commissioning, a royal father came in and occupied your  sit and lovely, you ask mummy to shift to another sit at your front. Even as the chairman of the occasion, you demonstrated your leadership qualities here.
The sitting arrangements  was well planned but due to unprecedented crowd of VIPs  and the stage contractor that  shortchanged the organizer caused hitch.

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One thing I can assure you about  Ogidi community is that, Ogidi prays her benefactors to their higher mission. It is a community where you touch positively and never regretted. It’s also a place anybody that disrupt her unity will not go without seen her god’s wrath.

For the love shown to Ogidi Ela community, I says without any doubt in mind that: YOUR LATTER GLORY SHALL BE GREATER THAN THE BEGINNING in all your endeavors in life.


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