It’s a great injustice to demand loyalty and accountability from people you did not elect as your legal representative. Political participation is not supposed to be optional for anyone above 18. You do not reap from where you did not sow. That’s why, whenever I hear someone who has sworn to not be a part of politics either in electing or contesting complain about the government, I laugh. You cannot eat your cake and have it. If you are tired of what’s happening in your area, contest to have it changed. Start from the barest minimum. Your compound care taker, your school principal or Councillor, your local government chairman, house of rep etc. You are way stronger than you think you are. We should all decide consciously today to happen something around us since nothing is happening on its own. The greater the competition, the more likely to pick someone more capable. It’s youth o’clock. Let’s join hand and create a better future for ourselves. Register for your voters card today and let your voice count.

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Chief Ocholi Yusuf Okpanachi (CIK)
The Originator of Youth O’clock

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